"Kansas City, Here I Come"

Today was an odd day at church. Attendance was way down, presumably from sickness. We had technical difficulties with our screens and mics. The rainy weather seemed to have everyone in a funk. And still yet, we sang to the Lord, His Word was proclaimed, and a sweet couple joined our church! So, I know it was not a lost day. (I also received a nice card/gift for pastor appreciation month, which is always good!) Nevertheless, I am looking forward to a sunny Sunday morning with everyone healthy and back in the fold!

We did have a fun Life Group tonight. Again, there were lots gone, but we still had close to 20 people. We met at Godfathers, and had pizza and Bible study. It was a good way to close out the day, and it lifted my spirits.

Tomorrow, I am leaving for three days to Kansas City for the Missouri Baptist Convention. As is often the case with Missouri Baptists, there are expected to be a couple issues that draw spirited debate:

1) For the first time, a budget will be presented that uses offerings from the churches to fund lawsuits to regain five agencies that (we believe) illegally removed themselves from the authority of the Missouri Baptist Convention. The lawsuits have been going on for years now, but up to this point they have been funded in other ways. Many people have a Biblical conviction about people's offerings being used to fund lawsuits. We'll see how this goes.

2) There continues to be a group of people who are unhappy with the direction they perceive the MBC/SBC is headed. You can read a previous post of mine about this group of people here. This group of people mailed out a piece of literature to all Missouri Baptist churches last week that is highly critical of many Baptist leaders I hold in high esteem. I posted/vented about this subject earlier in the week, but quickly removed it. I am trying to rise above. Some things are beneath a response. I hope this group does not cause a bunch of trouble at the convention, but I am not holding my breath.

I will try to post each day from the convention. Pray for Rachel while I am gone. All four kids appear to be healthy for now, but she'll still have her hands full. I offered to stay home, but Rachel insisted I go. She is quite a woman. I am looking forward to some time away.