Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World

One resolution passed at this year's Southern Baptist Convention was a challenge to Southern Baptists to focus more on taking care of the world's orphans, specifially through the process of adoption. You can read the resolution here. It essentially presents adoption as a way of carrying out the Great Commission, and calls on Southern Baptist families to prayerfully consider it.

I am proud of two of our staff members at Selmore (and their lovely wives) for adopting internationally. We now have a little boy from Ethiopia in our church family, and will soon have a litte girl from Nepal.

These precious children, with their different colored skin and ancestry, will add richness, diversity, and joy to our congregation. We know Heaven will be comprised of people from every "tribe, tongue, and nation." And so the more diverse we are, the closer we are to Heaven on Earth.

Thank God for parents who are willing to go to the darkest places on Earth, rescue a child, and raise them to know and love Jesus... "Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world."