March Badness

"March Badness"... That's my new term for the NCAA basketball tournament. Once again, the selection committee has gypped the mid-majors. When will the committee understand that we don't want to see a team with 14 losses and the sixth seed in its own conference (Arizona) placed in the tournament ahead of a team that finished first in its conference with a 26-7 record (Creighton), just because it's a big school? Only four mid-majors got an at-large bid this year... What a joke! I say put more mid-majors in the tournament. If there needs to be a cap on the number of teams from any one conference, so be it. And oh yeah, take away the horrible play-in game.

Okay. I'm done venting now. Despite my frustration with the selection committee, the NCAA tournament remains my favorite sporting event of the entire year, especially the first two rounds. My bracket has North Carolina winning it all, with the great Tyler Hansbrough (a Missouri kid) leading the way. I have Missouri beating Memphis to advance to the Elite 8, before bowing out to Connecticut.