Quotable Quotes

"Imagine what happens when a young woman is raised in a Christian setting . . . and then goes to a university . . . She takes classes in psychology and anthropology and biology and world history . . . What if she has been taught that there is no truth outside the Bible? (Josh's note: In other words, what if she has been taught that all truth is specifically spelled out in the Bible?) She's now faced with this dilemma: believe the truth she's learning or the Christian faith she was brought up with. Or we could put her dilemma this way: intellectual honesty or Jesus? . . . But it isn't a choice, because Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." If you come across truth in any form, it isn't outside your faith as a Christian. Your faith just got bigger. To be a Christian is to claim truth whereever you find it. It's not truth over here and Jesus over there, as if they were two different things. Where we find one, we find the other . . . He frees us to embrace whatever is true and good and beautiful whereever we find it." - Rob Bell in Velvet Elvis

"All truth is God's truth." - Arthur Holmes, philosopher