MBC-St. Louis, Day Two

11 Reasons Why This was a Good Day

1) I can see the "Gateway to the West" out the window of my hotel, The Millenium (the round building above).

2) I had to walk several blocks to a little hole-in-the-wall "mom and pop" convenience store in downtown St. Louis this morning to get some sinus medicine. When I asked for a box, the nice Arab gentleman behind the counter volunteered that there were single dosages available, saving me about $5. Then he told me he hoped I feel better. Long live mom and pop.

3) Good meals with friends... Paul Purvis (FBC-Forsyth) and Jonathan McGuire (Bridge of Faith-Rockaway Beach) for lunch. Denny Marr (Calvary-Republic) for supper. Doug Richey (Pisgah-Excelsior Springs) for late night conversation.

4) Made a new friend... Dr. Andy Chambers of Missouri Baptist University invited me to eat breakfast with him. Dr. Chambers writes devotions for The Pathway. A very nice and humble man.

5) Three excellent sermons today from friend Vince Bluebaugh, the legendary Roy Fish, and the offical convention sermon from John Swadley (Forest Park-Joplin).

6) Learned a new defense for eternal security of the believer (from Swadley)... According to Scripture, who does Jesus turn away from Heaven? Those He never knew... "Depart from me, I never knew you." Not "I once knew you, but now I don't."

7) I actually heard a preacher (also Swadley) sing some lyrics he wrote to the tune of "Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson. Never thought I'd hear that tune at a Baptist convention! But it was cool!

8) Getting impatient for the elevators last night, I made the bright decision to walk 17 flights of stairs to my hotel room. My legs were jelly when I went to bed, but they felt good when I woke up this morning!

9) Unbeknownst to me (I was out of the room at the time), Selmore Baptist Church was used as an example this evening (from the platform) of a church that is impacting El Salvador.

10) I got to ride an elevator with the musical group, Selah!

11) I have a church who pays my way to attend conventions such as these, where I can be refreshed and write stupid blogs. I am blessed.