Pics of Florida & Alabama Gulf Coast

Rachel and I had a wonderful vacation last month. We are thankful to the Good Lord for blessing us with the resources to take such a trip, to our church for encouraging us to go, and especially to Gpa and Gma Hall for watching the kids. Here are some pics for you, from the Gulf Coast...

Rachel liked this water tower that looks like a beach ball. Pensacola Beach, Florida was a fun place with lots of restaurants and "touristy things" on the oceanfront, and the beach was gorgeous!

Imagine my surprise when I came out of the restroom to find my wife in the arms of another man! This almost ended our vacation early, but I am a forgiving guy.

The picture does not do it justice, but Romar Beach Baptist Church in Orange Beach, Alabama must have the most beautiful facility/setting in the Southern Baptist Convention. The building, sitting directly on the Gulf of Mexico (background) is brand new. (Hurricane Ivan destroyed their previous facility.) The lot is very narrow, so the building is very skinny and tall. There is no room for a parking lot, so there is a parking garage attached to the front of the church (not pictured).

The view from our hotel room in Orange Beach, Alabama. (Orange Beach adjoins Gulf Shores.) We slept with our balcony door open and listened to the waves!

Ozark, Missouri (our town) is best known for Lambert's Cafe, "home of throwed rolls!" So when Rachel and I saw this Lambert's in Foley, Alabama (one of three in the country) we felt right at home! Foley used to be (maybe still is?) Ozark's "sister city." We shared this with a couple employees, and declared we were practically kinfolk, but they didn't seem as excited as we were!