Five Years Old

Today (May 5) is my oldest daughter's fifth birthday. Hannah is a very smart, happy, and pretty little girl. Her mother and I are very proud of her. We can't believe she will start school this fall! Hannah's request for her birthday was to go fishing. Dad was happy to oblige.

Prior to taking Hannah fishing, Dad did a little fishing of his own today. I took my new, solo canoe out for its maiden voyage. It was also my first fishing trip of the season. Finley Creek was still running a lot of water from the recent floods, and looked clean and healthy (see picture). I might add it was also very "snaky." I saw some huge water snakes today. As for the fishing, I only caught one fish worth talking about, a chunky 15 inch smallmouth. Not a bad fish to start the year out on though!

In my last blog entry, I suggested that the SBC baptism numbers were skewed due to the influence of Landmarkism, with many churches baptizing Christians a second and third time because they come from a different denomination. One brother emailed me and pointed out that Landmarkism has had an effect on the baptism numbers, but not in the way I thought . . . He claims baptism numbers are down primarily because many SBC churches no longer adhere to this practice . . . He may have a point!

Just finished watching the St. Louis Cardinals defeat the Colorado Rockies. The amazing Albert Pujols scored the winning run in the ninth inning, scoring from second base on a routine groundout to the second baseman.

Selmore had our new building permit approved by planning and zoning tonight. Thank you, Lord.