Good Ol' Grandpas & Mission Trips to Africa

It's been awhile since I posted anything, so I thought I would just give a personal update for those interested.

Today, we laid Rachel's grandfather, Wilbur Tappmeyer, to rest.  Wilbur was one of those old saints of God that studied his Sunday School lesson three weeks before he was scheduled to teach. Even when the extended Tappmeyer clan made its annual foray to Bennett Springs State Park each Memorial Day weekend, Wilbur studied his Sunday School quarterly for the lesson he was missing in his home church. Then, on Sunday morning, he made sure all his family got up and attended the nearby First Baptist Church. Being out of town was NOT a good reason to miss church! Wilbur was a deacon, a Gideon, and a generous supporter of missions. The last thing he ever did for me, personally, was give me a very generous gift to help with my upcoming mission trip to Africa. That's who he was.  That's what he did. Wilbur's generation is quickly leaving us. Sometimes, I can't help but wonder (in the words of an old George Jones song), "Who's going to fill their shoes?"  When it comes to this kind of faithfulness, my generation has a lot to learn...  We will miss you, Grandpa Wilbur.

On the subject of Africa, I will be leaving out soon for a mission trip to the nation of Lesotho.  I will be taking three young adults from our church (ages 18-22) to work alongside IMB missionaries, Jim and Teresa Flora in ministering to an unreached people group - the Basotho.  I have known Jim and Teresa since I was a nine year-old kid (almost 30 years).  They have played an important role in my faith and in my life.  I am looking forward to spending this time with them.  Please pray that God uses our team in a meaningful way to advance His kingdom in Lesotho.

It will be a busy summer for the Halls, with lots of stuff going on with parents and kids alike. It seems as though we've kind of moved into a new phase of life...  As our four kids are getting older and getting involved in more activities, we are learning the challenges of time management and meeting ourselves coming and going.  It is exhausting at times, but we wouldn't trade it.  Life is good.  God is good.  Thanks for reading.