A Late Summer Float on the James River

Took a 10.5 mile float on the James River today from the Ponce de Leon area down to H.L. Kerr public access near Galena.  I have now floated the James from Hwy 14 near Nixa all the way down to Galena (about 25 miles total).

The river was still running a lot of water from heavy rains this summer, and had a pretty good flow to it.  I made the 10.5 mile float in under six hours.  The stream is very clear and pretty in this section, and is teeming with fish!  This section of the James is a 20 minute drive from a metro area of 450,000+ people. Today, I did not see another soul.  Amazing.

Bluff just downstream from entrance of Goff Creek, shrouded in early morning fog.
Another pretty bluff.  The pic doesn't do it justice.
Bluff across form Indian Tree Golf Course.
A chunky 15" bass caught on a Rebel crawdad.  Caught seven bass over 12" on this trip.  (All the rest were smallmouth.)  Not a lot, but enough to have some fun.
Crane Creek adds its water to the James River.
Bluff just downstream from Kerr Access.