Was It All a Dream?

I am taking a little break from packing boxes to write this post.  Tomorrow we will load up our stuff, and Saturday we will head back to the Ozarks.  Home.

Even though we're excited about getting back to our friends, family, and church, I would be lying if I said it was not bittersweet.  We have made some wonderful friends here in Indy, and it will be tough to leave them.  This list includes our neighbors, our friends the Christensens who worked alongside us at HFC, the wonderful people at FBC-Mooresville, my students at Southside Christian School, and our fellow church planters in Indy.  I have lived a few different places now, and the hardest part of moving is always the relationships you leave behind.  But, at the same time, you thank God for bringing those people into your life, if only for a little while.  And you realize your life is richer for it.

Sometimes this experience in Indy seems like a dream.  I wonder if 20 years from now we will look back and ask each other, "Did that really happen?"  And if Rachel and I feel that way, our kids will even more so.  Our youngest two (age four and six) may literally only have a vague memory of this season of our life. But the thing we will cling to - the "pinch" that will tell us we weren't dreaming - are the people that we met and the memories that we made.  Those we won't forget.

Perhaps in coming days I will write a post on what all I have learned during this adventure.  It has been a tremendous experience.  But for today, as we prepare to say good-bye, I just want to say I am thankful.