Preview Services

Much has happened since we last updated you the third week of October.  After much prayer and consideration, we have made a decision to significantly shift our strategy.  As we mentioned in our last post, we feel we have had success in building personal relationships up to this point.  But bridging those relationships to a small group Bible study has been a challenge.  We have learned that many people in our setting simply equate church with a facility and a worship service.  And until you have those things, they have a difficult time viewing you as legitimate.  Thus, we have made a decision to hold a series of five "preview services" in November and December.  

God has provided us an excellent facility for these services (a former fire station near our target area) and has brought many other things together to make this possible.  For instance, one of my fellow teachers is going to lead worship for us.  A neighboring SBC church (FBC-Mooresville) is providing people to "seed" the service as well as chairs and other needed supplies, and even the state convention of Indiana is pitching in with some needs.  We are really excited about what God is doing, and we look forward to seeing what kind of response we get to these services!

In the meantime, how can you help us?  PRAY!  Please pray for the success of these services.  Pray for the lost and unchurched to come.  Pray that I preach the gospel with boldness and clarity, and that seeds would be planted and lives changed.  Pray for God to provide all our needs.  Pray that God would use these services to build HIS church in our little corner of Indianapolis.  PRAY!  The services will be on Saturday nights, beginning Nov 16.  We will keep you posted.