Building Bridges

October 1 marked three months on the field for us here in Indy.  As we reflect on this time, God has been good in allowing us to develop many personal relationships and also to build good will in the community through service and outreach.  We are encouraged by this!  As we begin the next phase of our mission, the challenge before us is now, "How do we build bridges from relationships and good will to the gospel?  How do we begin to get people plugged into Heartland Family Church?"

To be honest, we are still seeking the answer to these questions.  Overall, people have been very pleasant in our interactions.  But there is also a hesitance to the idea of joining a small group Bible study.  We are currently praying through, and exploring, some ways we can best overcome this.  Will you join us in this prayer?

In the meantime, God is working on a personal level.  I (Josh) am now meeting each week with a man who is open to exploring the Christian faith.  I am also communicating with two other individuals who may be open to begin meeting weekly with me.  Pray that these possibilities will come to fruition.  The devil would love to stop them before they begin.

Thank you for your prayers.  Keep them coming.  We feel them!