What Exactly Will You Be Doing?

Several people have already asked, "What exactly will you be doing when you get to Indy?  How does one go about the process of beginning a new church?"  Well, there is no universal answer to that question.  Every circumstance is different, every context is different, and every planter is different.  But in a nutshell, here's what it will look like for us:

The first few months will be spent getting to know the area and the people.  We will be intentional in getting to know as many people as we can, and hopefully will make lots of friends.  During this time we will likely begin a Bible study in our home.

As God blesses our efforts, we pray that in time a core group for a new church will begin to emerge.  As this group develops, we will begin holding periodic, public worship services.

In God's perfect time, when the Holy Spirit makes clear that He is indeed birthing a new church, we will officially "launch" with weekly services.  Along these lines, many have asked what we will do for a church building.  The answer is "We don't know!"  (That is the answer to a lot of questions right now.)  :)

In the early stages of our church, we will likely meet in whatever public space we can find. Remember, the church is the people and not the building!  An actual church building is most likely down the road aways, and will not be a priority in the beginning.

Some have also asked if we will be planting a series of churches or just one church.  Our intention is to pastor the newly planted church for as long as God will let us.  Hopefully as that church grows, it will in turn plant other churches!

Having said all this, I must add this disclaimer...  All of our plans are secondary to God's plan!  Anything He leads us to change, we will.  Anywhere He leads us, we will go.  We want to be completely open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  The only way we will succeed in this effort, is if we have God's blessing!