Making Plans

All of us make plans.  We do it every day.  Some are near-term plans.  (Will I buy groceries or exercise after work?)  Some are far-term plans.  (When will I retire?)  Some plans are of great significance.  (What college will I attend?)  Some plans are of less importance.  (Where will I eat dinner?)

For Christians, our goal should be to glorify God in all things in our life, no matter how great or small, including our personal plans.  Here then are some practical, biblical guidelines for making plans.  These come from 1 Cor 16:5-12...

Plans are good, so long as you're open to God changing them. (5-7)  Paul had his entire itinerary planned out for his third missionary journey.  But he added this disclaimer, "If the Lord permits."

Sometimes the door with the most opposition is the one with the most potential.  (8-9)  Paul notes, "A great and effective door has been opened to me, and there are many adversaries."  Paul didn't seem to think it strange, those two things going hand-in-hand.   

Don't try to do everything yourself.  Trust others.  (10-11)  Paul needed to stay in Ephesus a bit longer, so he sent Timothy on ahead to minister to the other churches.  Know your limitations.  Delegate.

Not everything will go as you would like it to.  Be flexible.  (12)  Paul strongly felt that Apollos should have gone with Timothy, but Apollos refused.  Paul could have made an issue of it but, instead, rolled with the punches.

As a final word, let it be said that Christians are to be led in all things by the Holy Spirit.  Rom 8:14 says, "As many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God."  We can know where the Spirit is leading by spending time in prayer and the Word, and seeking confirmation from mature believers.