2012 Missouri Baptist Convention

As I write, it is late Tuesday night of the Missouri Baptist Convention.  One more half day tomorrow, and then back to God's country (SW Missouri).  I have enjoyed this year's convention.  Here are some of the highlights for me personally:

1)  Getting to be part of the leadership team (see pic) for the pastor's conference.  Micah Fries put on an outstanding conference, with several nationally known speakers.  As part of my duties, I got to visit with Johnny Hunt, Tony Merida, Eric Thomas, and Thom Rainer among others.  Also, the Frederick Boulevard praise team was outstanding.  I will be responsible for the 2014 conference.  Micah has set the bar high!

2)  There have been some great sermons/teaching this year, but I thought MBC president, John Marshall, gave the strongest president's address I've heard during my 12 years or so of attending meetings.  Dr. Marshall strongly exhorted MBC churches of all shapes/sizes to get involved in church planting.  He also touched on the need for some churches to die with dignity.  I have long looked up to Dr. Marshall, and am so thankful for his ministry and leadership.

3)  The music group "Selah" has led worship during the convention and put on a mini-concert tonight.  They are AWESOME.  I think their concert tonight ministered to my heart perhaps more than any other element of the convention so far.

4)  Getting to catch up with with friends.  Last night I had supper with my friend/mentor, Jim Wells.  Tonight I shared a meal with Lane Harrison, who pastors a great church just down the road from Selmore.  There have been many other hugs and hallway conversations.  I love my fellow pastors.

5)  Partnership missions luncheon.  To me, partnership missions is one of the most valuable/important ministries of the MBC.  Today, we learned about two new partnerships the MBC is beginning with the Hudson Association in upstate New York, and with a group of Baptists in Mexico.  I wish more of our churches would get plugged into these partnerships.  It can revolutionize a church.

Tomorrow, Dennis Swanberg (Christian comedian) will close the convention.  Looking forward to that.  Good night, all.