Just for Laughs

Received this email from our youth minister yesterday, and had to share...  He has been relieved from his duties.  ;)

Picked up the Bibles for our H.S. Graduates this morning.. was a really tough choice
But after careful reading of the propaganda.. ahem.. I mean inner cover .. I was sold on..

“the Get YOUR Prosperity NOW Prophecy Bible”

By Jack Van Impe
Co-written and endorsed by such names as:
Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes

The exact times of where and when then end will come
How much estimated wealth you can aquire between now & then
How you can earn the greatest mansion in heaven
Investment opportunities for the hereafter
Your legacy in dollars and cents
Tongues for dummies “introduction to Apostlistic speaking”
Faith Healing: the best universities to earn your degree

Watchatink?   I think the church will be impressed