Is Your Church Utilizing Home Based Groups?

On the fourth Sunday night of each month, our church does "Life Groups."  These groups typically meet in homes for Bible study and fellowship, and are an extension of our adult Sunday School classes.

Last night my Life Group had a great time.  For our devotional time, each member of the group read a Bible passage that has been significant to their life, and gave a brief explanation.  We also discussed ideas for doing home devotionals with our children.  We closed by praying for one another.

My personal opinion is that it's healthy for every church to incorporate some element of gathering in members' homes.  This was an important component of the early church (Acts 2) and it still has benefit today.  There is something about being in one another's homes that strengthens the bond between people.  (This is also why it's important for pastors to regularly be in their people's homes.)

The concept of home based small groups has really taken off in recent years.  If your church isn't currently doing this in some form or fashion, you might give it some prayerful consideration.  If your church does decide to do it, make sure there are some general guidelines and oversight in place.