Personal Retreat Day

A couple years back I read that the Evangelical Free denomination encourages its pastors to take a quarterly, if not monthly, "Personal Retreat Day."  This is not a vacation day, but a day to retreat to a secluded location and: spend time in prayer, spend time in the Word, reflect on the most recent season in the life of the church, and do some "big picture thinking" regarding how God would have the pastor to lead the church forward.

I think this is a great suggestion because, as any pastor knows, it is hard to find time to do prayerful "big picture thinking" due to the daily demands and frenetic pace of ministry.  If we are not careful, we find ourselves merely along for the ride, always reacting to the latest circumstance, rather than proactively seeking God's vision for His people, laying it out before them, and then leading them to accomplish it.

For the remainder of today and tomorrow, I am taking my first "Personal Retreat Day."  With the blessing of my very understanding wife, I am going to spend some time alone with God, and just seek His will for my life and my church.  This Sunday morning, I will be delivering a "State of the Church" address, that will come out of this time.

If you are interested, here is a link to more information on this concept.