Pastors' Learning Community

Today I got to attend one of my favorite things - Pastors' Learning Community.  PLC is a group of pastors that meets about 6-8 times per year for lunch and discussion of a selected book.  We meet at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Springfield, which provides us an excellent lunch for a minimal cost.  John Marshall of Second Baptist Church and Hosea Bilyeu of Ridgecrest lead the discussion each month.  We begin at 11:45 and typically end promptly by 1:00, so it doesn't take too much of the day.  I often tell people that PLC is the single best thing I've been part of to challenge me intellectually and help me grow as a pastor.  Not to mention that I've been introduced to some wonderful books, a couple of which have profoundly impacted my ministry.  If you are a pastor in southwest Missouri, consider checking it out.  It will be well worth your time.  Contact Ridgecrest for more information.