Take a Walk, Pastors

Wednesday night I got to do something I really should do more often, and that is simply take a walk around the building and see what's taking place in our church.  At Selmore, we offer six classes for kids and a class for youth, in addition to our adult Bible study on Wednesday nights.  But because I normally teach the adults, I hardly ever get to see what's going on in the other classes.  This past Wednesday I made my way around the building.  Some classes I just listened quietly outside the door.  Other classes I actually went in and sat for awhile.  What I observed blessed my heart and made me proud.  In all of our classes, our teachers were diligently on task, teaching God's Word to their students.

I also got a chance to ride the church van before and after church to help pick up kids.  It had been quite awhile since I had last done this.  What an important ministry this is, picking up children that have little to no exposure to the Gospel any other time!  I can't speak for anyone else, but I am guilty of taking these kids for granted.  What a blessing to have them at our church!  Our van driver, Jon, is so faithful to transport these children week after week.  I am so grateful for him.  (Selmore folks, if you're not taking a turn helping Jon on the van, you truly are missing a blessing.)

Pastors, when was the last time you took a walk around your building?  You may be surprised at what you learn, and how it might encourage you.  Also, as I heard a guy say one time, how can you tell people your Sunday School or Wednesday night program is great, when you really have no idea?  It's kind of an integrity issue too.