Just An Update on Life

Well, I feel like I should update my blog even though I don't have anything particularly interesting or profound to say...

This past week was a really good week.  It felt good to be back at work.  We had VBS the first part of the week.  Our directors and workers did a super good job.  The best part of VBS (to us) was that our next door neighbor came and brought her little girl.  This is the first time our neighbor has come to church with us in the seven years we've lived here.  We are happy about this, and pray they come again soon.

Thursday night we were invited by our friends, Jim and Carrie Hubbard, to attend a Springfield Cardinals game with them in an air-conditioned suite through Carrie's work (right behind home plate).  This was our second time to enjoy the suite (Hollie Hinton invited us the first time) and I can tell you one thing - that is the only way to watch a baseball game!  What a blessing that was for our family.  For a big Cardinals fan like me, it is so cool to have the AA team in our backyard.  If you like baseball, and you've never been to Hammons Field, you should really go.  It's very close to a major league experience for a fraction of the price.

Saturday evening we took all the kids to the OC and enjoyed the pool.  We recently re-joined the OC.  (I worked out five times last week!)  Saturday was the first time I had really swam in a couple years.  It was so refreshing!  Again, we are so blessed to live in a nice community with access to things like indoor pools/waterparks.  I hope our kids understand how spoiled they are.

Today was a good day at church.  We had a full house with lots of first-time guests.  Our oldest daughter, Hannah, sang "Mighty to Save."  But at my request, she did so after the sermon.  (Dad wouldn't have held up very well trying to preach after hearing his daughter sing.)  I leaned over and told Pastor Jeff before I preached today, "Man, I'm a little nervous!"  which he thought was funny.  I'm hardly ever nervous anymore, but after taking a couple weeks off, I had a few butterflies today.  Tonight we had Life Group.  It is a blessing to be with our age group, and watch our children play together.

Have to brag on myself...  When we got home from Life Group tonight, I had about an hour before dark.  In that hour, I managed to install a new clutch cable in my riding mower, and get it all put back together.  I am getting to be a decent lawnmower mechanic.

Tomorrow morning, Lord-willing, I will be on the river by sunrise and will fish a little topwater.  I'll be done by  8:00 or 8:30.  I've had some tremendous fishing trips this summer, and hopefully tomorrow will be a good one as well.  I will try to post a pic or two.