Pics from Joplin

Southern Baptists doing what Southern Baptists do best.  The SBC is the third largest relief agency in the USA.  This church had moderate damage of its own, including a large tree on the roof, yet offered its building to help others.  Even the sanctuary was full of supplies and cots.

This home fared better than most.  It still has standing walls.  This neighborhood was on the outer edge of the damage.  At certain points in the city, one can look for miles, and see practically nothing left standing.  U.S. flags hoisted atop rubble were a common sight around the city.

For Sale By Owner - A welcome bit of humor.  Notice the bed perfectly in place while the wall is blown away.

The Lord's Supper table is one of the only things left standing of Harmony Heights Baptist Church.  53 people were in this church when it was destroyed.  By the grace of God, 50 lived.

This member of Harmony Heights was digging through the rubble looking for his Bible.  Amazingly, the interim director of the MBC, Jay Hughes, found it for him while we were there!