Ozark National Day of Prayer

I just got back from the Ozark NDP breakfast, and I just have to say a brief word on what a blessing it was.  First of all, it kinda reminded me of the scene in one of my favorite movies (The Stand) when they have the first community meeting in the Boulder Free Zone and they all sing the National Anthem.  That scene always gives me goosebumps.  While the breakfast this morning didn't quite reach that level, it was definitely cool to see a few hundred people from all walks of life gathered together in one place to pray for our nation and community. 

I hope our community realizes how fortunate we are to have Christians in public office, and other positions of leadership.  I heard some hard core prayers this morning.  Not just the fluff that is common at these kinds of events.  I heard the Presiding Commissioner of Christian County offer a prayer of personal and corporate repentance on behalf of the county...  repentance!  I heard the superintendent of Ozark schools invoke the name of Jesus repeatedly as he prayed for his faculty, staff, and students.  The list goes on...  Michael Bendtiz, the manager of Ozark Walmart (and one of our church folk) prayed for the business community.  Sarah Forhetz of KY3 prayed for wisdom and integrity for the media.  It was just a blessing.  That's all I can say.

Today is the National Day of Prayer.  Find a few moments today to pray for President Obama, and the rest of your national, state, and local leaders.