Sermon Outline

This outline isn't anything special, but maybe it will help some of you guys working on a last minute sermon this weekend.

MATTHEW 9:35-38

When it comes to personal evangelism, we must follow Jesus' example in:


A.  Jesus went about all the cities and villages.  He was a missionary.  He was proactive and intentional.  He went to where the people were, rather than waiting for them to come to Him.

B.  Jesus was balanced in His approach.  He both shared the Gospel (teaching and preaching) and showed the Gospel (healing every sickness and disease). 


A.  When Jesus looked at lost people, He felt compassion.  Sadly, when we look at lost people we often feel one of two things - self righteousness (They deserve what they get.) or apathy (Who cares?)

B.  Jesus saw beyond the exterior to the heart.  He saw the multitude as weary and scattered.  That's what happens to sheep that don't have a shepherd. 

1.  People today are weary.  In an increasingly fast paced world, their bodies and souls are tired.  They need peace and rest (see Psalm 23) but don't know how to find it. 

2.  People today are scattered (isolated).  We have more ways to talk than ever before, and yet we truly communicate less than ever.  We need fellowship.  Few things are more vulnerable than a sheep isolated from its flock.

C.  When we begin to look at people from Jesus' perspective, our self-righteousness and/or apathy is replaced with a godly compassion for their salvation and well-being.

PRAYER  (v37-38)

A.  It is interesting that Jesus does not instruct us to pray for the harvest itself.  The reason is that the harvest belongs to Him (see 1 Cor 3:6-7).  The details of the harvest are ultimately His concern, not ours.

B.  However, Jesus also makes clear the harvest is plentiful.  All over the world, people are waiting to hear the Gospel, respond in faith, and be saved.  If there is a bottleneck in reaping the harvest it is because there is a shortage of laborers.  This is why Jesus instructs us to pray for the Lord to send laborers.

C.  Churches and individuals who are serious about evangelism pray regularly for God to send out laborers into the harvest, both at home and abroad. 

D.  And even while they pray for God to raise up others, they are obedient to go where God sends them!