Daily Bible Reading

The single most important spiritual discipline for any Christ follower is to read the Bible daily.  Without the Bible, we don't know how to pray.  We don't know how to properly evangelize.  We don't know what a healthy church looks like.  We don't know truth.  We don't grow in our faith.  We don't even know who God is without Scripture.

While some advocate reading the Bible completely through in a year (and I would certainly never discourage that) I have found for me that pace is a little too quick and a little too much pressure.  For my devotional reading (separate from sermon/lesson prep) I typically read through books of the Bible, one chapter per day.  (Some would argue that sermons should stem from your devotional reading, and they make some very good points, but right now I keep it separate.)  One chapter a day allows me to really think about what I'm reading, and take it all in.

From time to time, I am going to begin posting some very brief thoughts from my daily Bible readings on my blog.  Writing is a tremendous way to process what you've learned.  When you must articulate what you believe, it forces you to have a better grasp of it.  So it will be good for me.  There may be other times when all I do is pose a question, and hopefully provoke some discussion.  Enjoy.