MBC Coming to Springfield

Tomorrow begins the annual meeting of the Missouri Baptist Convention.  It rotates around the state each year, and this year it will be in Springfield.  (Yes, I enjoy going to the convention.  And yes, I am a nerd.)  I personally kinda like it when it's in St. Louis or Kansas City, because it gives me a chance to get away.  But there are positives for it being close to home as well.  This year's pastor's conference and convention will feature Ed Stetzer, Danny Akin, David Uth, and Mac Brunson.  This is the best lineup of speakers I can remember at the MBC in a long time.  It will be very good.  For those of you in the Springfield area, I would highly recommend making it over to hear Stetzer, particularly if you've never heard him before.  Ed Stetzer is, in my book, one of the most brilliant minds we have in the SBC.

For those who are interested in such things, I will give a recap of the convention when it is over.