Happy Birthday Jackson Phillip!

Today is Jackson's first birthday!  (Or as Levi calls him - "Jack Jack.")  Jackson is probably the sweetest natured baby of our four kids.  One of our friends calls him "Smilin' Jack."  One of the reasons we named him Jackson is to memorialize Michael Jackson.  (just kidding)  But seriously, one reason we named him Jackson is because that's the name of the main street that runs through Ozark.  Some people think that's corny, but we thought it would be cool that no matter where God takes him in this world, he'll feel a connection to the place he was born.

Our prayer for Jackson is the same for all our kids...  That he will grow into a godly adult who will honor God with his life's work (whatever that may be), and that he'll be active (as we all should be) in taking the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the Earth.  He is God's Jack.  May He do with him what He sees best.