What I Would Do to Fix the Cardinals for 2011

1)  Replace the manager.  I am not a TLR hater, but it is clear something needs to change in this clubhouse.  The 2010 team has lost its focus.  We also need a manager that will put the young guys (i.e. Rasmus, Ryan, Jay) out there on an everyday basis, and encourage them to cut it loose.

2)  Figure out what you're doing with Pujols.  If Pujols will sign for $20 mil, pull the trigger.  If not, trade him for 2-3 starting players and 1-2 prospects.  (Pujols becomes a free agent after 2011.)  One thing is for sure, this needs to be settled one way or the other before the season starts.

3)  Sign a good second baseman that is a legitimate leadoff hitter.  Move Skippy back to the OF (where he belongs) as an excellent 4th outfielder.

4)  Sign a veteran closer.  You've got some good, power arms at the back end of the bullpen.  Let them get some more experience in the 7th and 8th innings before eventually promoting one of them to closer.

5)  Re-sign Jake Westbrook.  Westbrook looks like a very solid no. 3 or 4 starter in the NL.

6)  Re-sign Pedro Feliz as insurance for David Freese at 3B.  Feliz has played very well in a Cardinal uniform.

7)  Free Brendan Ryan.  Put him out there every single day, and let him play through the mistakes.  If you do, he'll save a lot of runs over the course of a full season with his defense.  Keep him at the bottom of the order where he won't press so much. 

8)  Sign a veteran bench guy with some pop.  No one on the current Cardinal bench is a legitimate threat to go deep.

9)  Whoever you bring in, make sure they have some personality.  This team needs to loosen up.

10)  Do not re-sign Felipe Lopez.  He's horrible.