Quotable Quotes

"If people will go to heaven precisely because they never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus, then the worst thing we could do for their eternal state would be to go to them and tell them about Jesus.  That would only increase their chances of going to hell! . . . Imagine encountering an international student newly arrived on a college campus in the United States.  You ask her if she has ever heard of Jesus, and with a puzzled look on her face, she responds, 'No.'  Now, if this girl is headed to heaven precisely because she has never heard about Jesus, then the best thing you could say to her for the sake of her eternity is, "If anyone tries to tell you about Jesus, just put your hands on your ears, start yelling very loudly, and run away."

-David Platt in his book, "Radical," on the fallacy that those who have never heard the Gospel will go to Heaven, and the urgency of taking the Gospel to the nations.