On the Road Again

I am blogging from the Springfield airport this morning, waiting to catch my flight to Orlando for the Southern Baptist Convention.  This annual meeting of the SBC is expected to be a historic one, as the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force brings their recommendations to the convention for approval.  If the recommendations pass, they will bring sweeping changes to the way we operate as a denomination.  And depending on who you talk to, they could have huge implications for the future of the Cooperative Program (the mechanism by which Southern Baptists have sent/supported missionaries since 1925).

I am still undecided on how I will vote on the recommendations.  I guess I will be thinking on this on the plane.  Also, I have been asked to help count votes at this year's convention, which is going to keep me pretty busy once I get there.  I will try to blog a little while I'm down there.  Pray for me this morning and Thursday morning.  I'm not super fond of flying. Peace.