I don't like to talk a lot about politics, but what happened today in the U.S. congress was a joke, and every American should be outraged.  Mexican president Calderon was allowed to stand in our capitol and criticize one of our states (Arizona) for its immigration laws.  To add insult to injury, several Democratic members of congress and top officials of the Obama administration applauded him.  Yes, you read that right.  The Obama administration is publicly taking sides with a foreign nation over one of its own states.

Under the Constitution (if it still matters) the federal government has the responsibility to protect the borders of the states.  The federal government has miserably failed Arizona and other border states in this regard.  Arizona has every right to protect itself, if the federal government will not.

As for President Calderon, may I suggest you spend a little more time talking about what YOU are going to do to keep your citizens from illegally entering our country, than criticizing us for what we do when they get here?  Absolutely unbelievable.

I love Mexican people.  And I believe we should show kindness to the alien in our land on a personal level (as the Bible repeatedly commands).  However, if we don't begin protecting our borders, our national sovereignty is on borrowed time.