Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is my favorite holiday.  It has been for a long time, mainly because I love summer, and MD marks the beginning of it.  (It also often coincides with the opening day of bass season!)  I have spent at least part of the last 13 MD weekends (ever since I started dating Rachel) at Bennett Spring State Park near Lebanon.  Bennett Spring is a neat place for those of you who haven't been there. And it's only 45 minutes from Springfield.  Rachel's mom's family (Tappmeyers) have gathered there every MD for 34 years.  Rachel and I have lots of good memories there, and it's neat to see our kids begin to make their own memories.  For me, one of the neatest parts of the weekend is when the entire family goes to church together on Sunday morning.  For years, the family attended FBC-Lebanon, and it got to where the pastor and congregation would look for us. 

Rachel and the kids will be heading out for Bennett Spring in the morning (Sat).  I will join them after I preach on Sunday.  This is one tradition I hope we can keep for a long time.  Have a good weekend everybody.