The 10 Categories of Facebook Users

The best I can tell, here are the ten main categories of Facebook users.  Please no one take offense.  It's all in good fun.  I fall into a couple of these categories myself!  Which category do you fall into?  Can you think of any others?

Please Affirm Me:  "I'm not very attractive.  I'm not very smart.  I did this horrible thing.  But it wasn't so horrible... Was it?"

Braggers:  You never see a post from this person until they're on vacation in an exotic locale, or are in the midst of a super important business trip!

Gamers:  This person actually thinks they live in a place called Farmtown.
Inspirationals:  This person sees it as their calling in life to uplift you with challenging quotes, inspirational thoughts, and Bible verses!

Activists:  "If we can channel the power of Facebook, we can save the world!"

Entrepreneurs:  "Hey, it's great to be in contact with you again!  By the way, would you be interested in buying (fill in blank)?"

Mundane Details:  This person wants you to know where they're at on planet Earth (and what exactly they're eating) at all times!

Poets:  What can be said, that can't be said better by song lyrics?

Complainers:  This person views Facebook as an outlet for all their negativity and bitterness.  (Which is usually a lot!)

My Kid is So Cute:  This person makes everyone else gag with stories of how darn cute little Bobby and Susy are!  Don't you just want to eat them up?  (don't answer that)