Catching Up

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, so I guess I'm due.  I tend to go through dry spells where I (a) either don't have a lot to say, or (b) am too tired to get it out.  But tonight I'm feeling kinda reflective and melancholy (which is not unusual for Sunday nights), so let me just give you an update on what's going on in our life...

First of all, Rachel and the girls are on spring break this week.  I love it when Rachel is home during the day.  Even when I work, it makes me feel like I'm on vacation too.  We would both love it if Rachel could stay home all the time, but like most families in this day and age, one income (even a good income) is not enough to make ends meet.  But Rachel loves her job, and I know the girls love having her at school with them.  We feel SO very blessed to have two good jobs. 

The kids are all doing great, although they have been sick a lot this winter.  We are looking forward to warm weather, so we can air out the house and get everyone healthy again.  Hannah and Sophie will turn 7 & 5 (respectively) this May.  They are pretty little girls, if I do say so myself.  Levi just turned two; he is a typical, two year-old tornado.  Jackson just turned five months.  He is precious.  They all are.

Several of you have asked if we are still selling our house.  We did have our house for sale last summer, and we were thinking at one time about putting it back up for sale this spring, but the market is too low, and we just don't see the need in giving our house away.  So, our 3br is getting a little cramped with six people, but our motto is "love grows best in little houses."

Things continue to go very well at church.  Our new worship center is now 9 months old, but I am still like a kid in a candy store each and every Sunday.  It is such a blessing to preach in such a nice facility.  We are running over 200 just about every Sunday, and a couple times have been as high as 240 in attendance.  The last few weeks, in particular, we have seen decisions just about every Sunday.  God has been very good to Selmore!  As the church grows, the demands on my time are growing as well.  I am learning the necessity of managing my time & energy.  But not to worry, I have always been pretty good about practicing the principle of Sabbath (mine is Monday) and going fishing when I need to.  Also, the church is giving me some extended time off later this summer, and for this I am most grateful!

Ironically, tomorrow will be a rare Monday workday for me.  Some of you know I am serving on a committee for the Missouri Baptist Convention.  Our committee is looking at the structure of the MBC from top to bottom, and will eventually make recommendations concerning our findings.  We have decided to use video conferencing for some of our meetings, including tomorrow's.  I like this because it saves me a drive to Jefferson City, but our meeting tomorrow is from 8:30-12:00, and that's a long time to stare at a computer screen!  Oh well, it is an honor to serve.  For those of you who follow the denomination at the national level (which is probably very few of you) there is a task force in the Southern Baptist Convention that is carrying out a similar mission.  It is known as the "Great Commission Resurgence" task force, and it recently released a preliminary report of findings that is causing no small stir across the Convention.  Some of their recommendations would radically alter the way the denomination operates.  Much of what the GCR task force decides will affect our work on the state level as well, especially financially.  So, many of us are watching this situation unfold with great interest.

Saving the best for last...  I am ready to start fishing again.  I miss the creek.  Not any creek in particular, just the creek in general.  It's like an old friend to me, which few people truly understand.  I've found several good fishing holes in the seven years we've lived in Christian County.  Some I've shared.  Some I haven't.  I'm already plotting some new explorations for this summer, and also planning my annual trip for the first morning of smallmouth bass season.  Spring will be here before we know it.