Just Snow... Or a Statement?

After several years of complaining of no snow, the Ozarks has had some nice snowfalls this winter - beautiful, powdery snow that has cleaned off roads and sidewalks easily.  In fact, the entire nation has had a lot of snow this winter.  No city more so than our capital, that got socked with a two foot snowfall last week, and is currently awaiting 14+ inches more.

I'm not one to jump to claiming acts of nature as divine judgment (although I believe they certainly can be), but I do think it's strangely coincidental that the year of the "Hopenhagen" (sarcasm intended) global warming conference has been a year of record snowfall.

In my mind, the Copenhagen summit represented little more than a modern day Babylon - mankind gathering from all corners of the earth to revel in our own importance and perceived ability to save ourself.  Make no mistake, the Green movement is rooted in the belief that man controls his own destiny.  There is little room for an omnipotent God that rules sovereignly over His creation in such a belief system.

How ironic, that even as the Green movement and its practitioners lose credibility by their own flawed research and deceitful findings, that the greatest refutation of all is the white stuff piling up all over the country.  It can't be ignored!  Every record snowfall is a humiliation to Al Gore and his cohorts.  Every inch of snow that falls is a reminder that there is One who rules over Heaven and Earth, and laughs in derision at the vain plots of man (Psalm 2).

Next time you drive by one of those large Department of Transportation storage sheds that hold the salt for the roads, remember that God has a storehouse of His own... a Heavenly storehouse that holds His treasury of snow (Job 38:22).  And remember He can reach into it any time He wants, and show us who's really in charge.