Modesty and Facebook

I am writing this to my Christian friends of the fairer sex, and particularly to my own church members.  If you don't claim to be a Christ-follower, you will probably not appreciate this post.  In fact, you will probably think it's absurd.  And that's cool.  I am not judging you, nor do I expect you to give a care what I think.  But if you claim to be a follower of Christ, please consider what I have to say...

I suspect many of you view posting your bra color on Facebook as innocent fun.  And it probably would be, if it were only ladies who read it.  Do you not know that when you post your bra color on Facebook that almost every man that reads it immediately pictures you in that  bra?  (Yes, all men are perverts.  I hope that is not news to you.)  Besides being creepy for you, is it fair to cause your brother to stumble (1 Cor 8:13)?  Is it fair to your husband?  This is not a huge deal.  Just please think about these things.  (And yes, I know it was for a good cause...  What was that cause again?)

As for the posting of your favorite sexual position, do I really need to say anything more?  I sincerely hope and pray that our Selmore ladies show better judgment and modesty, as is becoming of a virtuous woman. 

"A wholesome tongue is a tree of life, But perverseness in it breaks the spirit."  Proverbs 15:4