Ten Things I Think I'm Thinking

1) Four kids six and younger = Crazy parents

2) Hard to understand how the Cardinals were that bad at the end of the year. They could not have played worse against the Dodgers, and not just the hitting either. Fielding, baserunning, mental errors... it was ugly.

3) Looking forward to the MBC pastor's conference the end of this month in KC (in conjunction with the annual meeting). My good friend, Doug Richey, put it together. Knowing Doug, it will be top notch.

4) Can we all now agree that David Letterman is a creep? I've thought so ever since I watched him ambush Donald Rumsfeld a few years ago. This latest thing is just confirmation. I can't believe I used to watch him! Good thing Rachel converted me to Leno.

5) Leno's new show is pretty good.

6) Need a big game tonight from Dolphins running back, Ronnie Brown, to win my fantasy match-up this week.

7) Proud of my buddy, Jim Flora, head softball coach at Pleasant Hope. PH won their district tonight, and knocked off C.O.C. champ, Nixa, earlier this season. (That's David beating Goliath.) PH record is 21-4. Go all the way, Pirates!

8) For those fascinated with the "emergent church" movement (note difference between "emergent" & "emerging"... Google it), I highly recommend reading Why We're Not Emergent by Two Guys Who Should Be. The authors are two young guys... one a pastor, one a layman who also writes for "ESPN The Mag" (How cool is that?)... who defend the "traditional church," and poke fun at the emergent guys, their spiky haircuts, and their horn-rimmed glasses. I especially appreciated the chapter entitled "Why I Don't Want a Cool Pastor" (for obvious reasons). More on this excellent book in a future post.

9) H1N1 is the real deal, folks. We need to be praying protection over our loved ones. Good thing God is on the throne!

10) Our kids have awesome grandparents! I don't know what we'd do without them.