Biggest Loser

Okay, I have to confess... I am a "Biggest Loser" addict. And this is my shout out to Sean...

Sean had already become my favorite contestant, so I was bummed to see him eliminated so soon. If you don't watch the show, Sean is a youth pastor from Oklahoma. He had a good sense of humor and a good attitude. (And any guy that big that dances on national television with his shirt off has my respect.)

But I was most impressed with how he handled being eliminated. A lot of contestants get whiny or angry at the prospect of being eliminated, but not Sean. Sean was all grace. He told everyone he understood their decision, and even told Tracey (the show villain) that she "did some crazy stuff" but he "still loved her." It sounds cheesy considering we're talking about a reality show, but Sean really was a good witness for Christ.

As for Tracey, she's a little psycho, but I think she's getting a bad rap. This is a contest after-all, and she has every right to play to win. (You'll have to watch the show to know what I'm talking about.) Say what you want about Tracey, but at the end of the night she had kicked everyone's tail. There were a lot of sour grapes in the last episode.

The contestant most getting on my nerves is Shay. She has to give a tearful speech at every weigh-in. Drama, drama, drama. Just get off the scale already! She's driving me nuts!

The contestant most getting on Rachel's nerves is Daniel. Since he was on the show last season, he's kinda cocky this season. (Kinda like the kid that repeats first grade, and becomes the cool kid the following year because he knows what time recess is.) But, I like Daniel. I call him the "mayor."