Getting Ready for Baby

As followers of my blog know, Mondays are typically for fishing. But today I will spend time instead getting things ready for our fourth child. Rachel is due October 12, and we haven't had a kid yet that didn't come early. So, I figure time is short.

Saturday, we spent the day in Springfield shopping for some things we need... chest-of-drawers (which I am picking up today), coming home outfit for Mom and Baby, and most importantly... we "built a bear" for the baby (a new experience for me). Yesterday, I climbed up in the attic to get some baby stuff down. And today, I need to make a trip to the storage shed to look for what I didn't find in the attic.

We plan on this pregnancy being our last, so it is especially bittersweet for Rachel. On one hand, she is very ready to have the baby. But on the other hand, she loves being pregnant, and is savoring these last days of her pregnancy. Rachel was born to be a mamma. And she is a great one. As for me... well, dads are built a little differently. I love my babies, but I really love it when they get older and can take care of themselves a little bit, and we can have a conversation and joke around. I'm really looking forward to raising these kids into young ladies and young men. Lord-willing, we're going to have a blast together in this life.

Here's some ways you can pray for us, as we prepare for this baby boy: 1) We are still not 100% sold on a name. Scripturally, a name is a significant thing. Pray that God would give us peace about the right name. 2) Pray for Rachel as she prepares her classroom for a long-term sub. There's a lot of work and preparation that must be done to leave your class for six weeks. 3) Pray for the health of Rachel and the baby with H1N1 going around. Preganat women are particularly susceptible, and working at a school makes her even more vulnerable. 4) Of course, pray for a healthy and smooth delivery.