Fishing Pics

Upper Beaver Creek

Sunrise on Beaver Creek

Highway 76 (Goodhope) Bridge. The leaves are starting to turn.

Good to know this bridge is safe and sound!

If crumbling concrete and rhebar sticking out is "safe," I would hate to see unsafe!

Homemade Minnow Trap

Another summer of fishing is winding down. This past Saturday morning, my friend, Jeff Updegraff, and I headed for a "honey hole" on Beaver Creek that's yielded us some good stringers the last couple years. In truth, it never really was much of a hole. It was maybe four feet deep with nothing particularly special about it, except that the far bank was lined with some well-positioned sycamores that kept the water shady in the heat of the day. I always figured that's why the fish hung out there. But this year, our four-foot hole of water had become a two-foot hole of water. The gravel had washed in, and the fish were gone. Kinda disappointing, but such is the nature of our little Ozarks streams. Floods constantly wash gravel out of some places, and deposit it in others. We still managed to catch a few small bass and a few goggle-eye on our way back to the truck. Not too many fishing trips left in '09. It was just good to be out. What a beautiful morning.