10 Things I Think I'm Thinking

1) People get in lefthand turn lanes way too soon. I try to get in the lefthand turn lane about 100 ft before I'm going to turn, but I usually have to wait for some fool zooming up the turn lane who got in it a quarter mile back.

2) Pittsburgh Pirates, I would think twice about beaning Albert Pujols. He is a big man. Is it a bad witness for a Christian baseball player to charge the mound, or is it just part of the game? I remember Mike Sweeny of the Royals a few years back (an outspoken Christian) after getting plunked, chasing a pitcher across the infield, catching him, and beating the pulp out of him. I was not offended.

3) I suspect today's Democratic party would have pompously dismissed the American revolutionists as an "angry mob." Also, I can't figure out why saying health care protesters are "organized" is supposed to discredit them. Doesn't that just make them more credible?

4) What would happen if you put the prophet Joel from the Old Testament and Joel Osteen in a steel cage match?

5) I have played fantasy football for several years, but this year will be my first live draft. I'm excited!

6) I am having sooo much fun preaching in Selmore's new worship center.

7) "Climb" by Miley Cyrus is quite possibly the worst song I have ever heard. It is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

8) My girls are getting prettier by the day. What beautiful young ladies they will be.

9) Some things are worth spending the extra money on the name brand, as opposed to the generic. Charcoal is one of those things.

10) When I'm on my riding mower, I like to go one speed slower than I really need to. It cuts the grass better, and it forces me to disengage from life's frantic pace, if only for awhile.