Good Bye

Yesterday, we said "good bye" to our sanctuary of 89 years. It was an emotional time for many. They have seen God do many wonderful things in that place. Many were saved there. Baptized there. Married there. Saw their children saved there. Said good bye to a loved one there. Even I have preached around 600 sermons there, and baptized my daughter there.

But, as Selmore knows, God is not confined to a building. He is much too big for that. We do not worship Him at any particular place, but in Spirit. He will be present in the new place, just as He was in the old. And if we chose to meet in the parking lot, He would be there. For the temple of the Holy Spirit is not a building, but the hearts of God's people. We are the Church. And I, for one, am glad to be part of the little segment of His Church known as Selmore Baptist. Onward and upward!