George & Eulah Hall Family Reunion

The four Hall boys, and their wives.

Eight of the 14 first cousins, and our spouses.

Spent the afternoon in Plato today for my family reunion. Plato is the site of my grandparents' old farm place, and several of my family still live in the community. (We lived in Plato until I was 12, when we moved to Houston.)

My cousin Dave, and his wife Tabby, hosted the reunion. They have a beautiful place with a well manicured lake. All the kids enjoyed swimming in the lake, and using the paddleboat.

My generation of Halls has 14 cousins -- 11 boys and 3 girls. The next generation of Halls (our kids) has 17 boys and 14 girls (so the numbers are a little more even)! I guess I won't post any pics of the kids in their swimming suits, as unfortunately there are weirdos in cyberspace. But you won't find any better looking group of kids anywhere. It's a blast to sit back and watch them interact.

Closed the day by placing some flowers on my grandparents' grave. I know they would love to see all the little ones, and would be happy we are still getting together.