Church Float Trip

Old steel bridge at Rome, MO. Our put-in site.

Tim and Austin pose on their way downstream.

A private landowner has taken it upon himself to seal off this county bridge from the public, placing large boulders in the road. (You can read an earlier post about this arrogant act here.) In the process he has shut down a county road that connects a state highway to another county road. There is currently a petition with over 600 signatures sitting before the Douglas County Commission to reopen the bridge and road. So far, no action has been taken.

My canoe partner, Joe, was the "sun perch slayer." But he did catch the biggest fish of the day, this 13" smallmouth.

Saturday, some guys from the church and I took a seven mile float on Beaver Creek. The conditions were absolutely perfect for floating... some good rains had brought the creek up to a good level, and the temperature was in the low 80's. The fishing (at least for bass and goggle-eye) wasn't too great, but we had a blast! We used Beaver Canoe Rental in Brownbrach. It's had the same owners for 30 years. Nice folks. For $40 they'll rent you a canoe and take you upstream to float back down to their place of business. Not bad for a day of good fishing and beautiful scenery, especially if you can split the cost with a buddy.