After one more meeting tomorrow (Monday) night, I will officially be on vacation! Several of you have asked what our plans are. Originally, we were to go on a cruise to Mexico. Our 10th wedding anniversary is on June 26th, and I've told Rachel for several years that I would take her on a cruise on our 10th. Unfortunately, after we had already paid for the cruise, we found out that Rachel would not be allowed to board the ship because you have to be less than 24 weeks pregnant on the last day of the cruise, and she will be 24 weeks and four days! We lost half our money for the cruise, but Rachel and I decided our integrity (in not lying about the due date) was worth that much.

So, with some creative financing (Allegiant for airfare, Priceline for hotel, coupon for rental car) we were able to squeeze out a nice vacation to Florida. We will fly into Orlando and then drive to Daytona Beach (above) and spend four nights. We feel very blessed to be able to take such a trip. God is good. I will post some pics after we get back. (July 1)