Fishin' Report

Got up early Saturday, and was on the creek by 6:30. I decided to put in at the Bradleyville bridge on Beaver Creek, and float down a ways before paddling back up. It was a cold, drizzly morning, which I knew it would be. What I didn't count on, was the speed of the current. The creek had a lot of water in it, and it was moving. (The pic above doesn't do it justice.) Would have been perfect for a float trip, but not so good for fishing. (And not so fun for paddling back upstream!)

Before I knew it, the creek had shot me half a mile downstream in no time. I was going so fast I couldn't hardly keep my lure in the water. Also, the water was quite cold. Overall, the creek seemed about in mid-April form, rather than late May. Topwater was a no go. Finally, I found a place to get out of the canoe and throw a power grub into a pool of water, 5-6 foot deep around some logs. This yielded me a couple 10-11 inch smallmouth, and that was all she wrote. I was back home by 9:30.

We need a good stretch of warmer and more stable weather before the creeks begin to heat up for fishing. Maybe this weekend will be better. Until next time...