Lunch with Dr. Hunt & The Great Commission Resurgence

Yesterday I joined about 12 other young leaders from across Missouri in a roundtable discussion with Dr. Johnny Hunt, president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Thanks to my friend, Paul Purvis (pastor of FBC-Forsyth) for inviting me.

I enjoyed my time with Dr. Hunt a great deal. He is a man of great and sincere passion in general, but specifically in the area of missions. Most of our discussion centered around his vision of a "Great Commission Resurgence" for the SBC. I would strongly encourage you to read this article, which explains it in further detail. You could say it is a "big deal" right now in the SBC.

Pray for Dr. Hunt. The "resurgence" he is promoting is not popular in all circles and he (along with Danny Akin and others) is taking a lot of heat. Among other things, the resurgence calls for Southern Baptists to stop trying to use 20th century methods to reach 21st century people, and demands that our entities streamline, work more efficiently together, and be better stewards of CP dollars. (Read "cut out bloated bureaucracy.")

If you are in agreement with the Resurgence, you can show your support by signing the document here.

As for Johnny Hunt, I believe he is the "real deal." Southern Baptists, we have a good president.