Another Lord's Day in the Books

It was a good day at Selmore. Pretty good attendance for being frigid and snowy. Today we were led in worship by a praise band that included mandolin, harmonica, two guitars, base guitar, snare drum, and a lead vocal. Ages ranged from 18 to 64. Our music minister, Marc, is very gifted. He did a good job of bringing them all together for God's glory.

We also honored one of our own who will be deploying for Afghanistan this week. We prayed over Liam Robinson and his wife Melanie, and then took them out to lunch. I told Liam not to come home until he got Bin Laden. Ha!

Tonight was a typical Sunday night. Left the house around 4:30 to go to the office and finalize my lesson. Meeting at 6:00. Nehemiah study at 7:00. Meeting at 8:00. Left church around 9:15. Went to Subway and got a $5 footlong. (Sunday night ritual.) Got home around 9:45.

Sunday night after church is my favorite time of the whole week. Since I take Mondays off, it's pretty much like my Friday night. I'm always tired, but it's a "good tired" when things have gone well at church.

Midnight. Off to bed. Thank you, Lord.