Road Trip to Rolla

If you ever want to take a short road trip, or just need a place to eat on the way to St. Louis, let me suggest Rolla. Rachel and I did a lot of our early dating in Rolla, and we have a couple restaurants we like to patronize there when we get the chance. In fact, we ate at them last weekend, and they're as good as ever. But they're the kind of places you can pass right by if you don't know any better, so pay close attention...

Just south of I-44 on U.S. 63. is a little rock house by the name of "Fortune Inn." Don't judge the book by its cover. This is a great sit-down restaurant. Get the cashew or sweet-n-sour special for $6.50. This includes the best egg-drop soup you'll ever eat, a hot & fresh egg roll, fried or steamed rice, meat, and your soda! The service is great too!

After your meal at Fortune Inn, you'll need a little dessert. Head south on U.S. 63 a couple more miles, and turn left on Kings Highway. In a couple blocks start looking to the right. Tucked back in a little "hole in the wall" accessible only by a small alley, you will see "A Slice of Pie." We haven't found a restaurant anywhere that can match its quantity or quality of pies. Better go for the half slice, unless you've really brought your appetite!