10 Years Teaching God's Word

It was Valentines Day 1999 when a skinny 20 year-old preached his first sermon from John 14:1-6 at Bucyrus Baptist Church near Houston, MO. In the audience that day was a pretty, little 18 year-old, named Rachel Reynolds, who would marry the young preacher four months later. My goodness, how time flies!

Ten years later, God is still working on me. I'm much more comfortable in my own skin than I was ten years ago. I pretty well know who I am as a person, and as a pastor-teacher. (By my count, I have preached roughly 850 sermons.) My convictions and theological leanings continue to evolve and change as I get older. Namely, I have a growing love for the Word and for the Church, but a growing disdain for "organized religion." (But that's a topic for another post.)

I truly understand what Paul meant when he said, "For preaching the Good News is not something I can boast about. I am compelled by God to do it. How terrible for me if I didn't do it!" (NLT) Fortunately, it is relatively easy for me, because I lead one of the best churches in Missouri. But pray for me, that I will be a good pastor to them. I still have much to learn.

Thank you Lord for saving me. Thank you for allowing me to shepherd Your people. Without You I am nothing.